Hermit is invisible after you kill all the tentacles

  • So basically whenever i go to a hermit and we all kill the tentacles so it will come up it just is invisible and everyone is taking damage. i've heard of this happening to a couple other people and I'm just curious if there's a fix for it?

    I play on chrome and have the latest flash player.

  • its a glitch i believe happens when you tp to a hermit that for some reason hasnt spawned the actual hermit, if it happens to u every time then ur very unlucky.

  • L0I - Developer

    @Bilore it happens when you enter a realm that already has a hermit.

    it wont happen if you were in the realm when it spawned as far as i know...

  • it happens for whatever "welcome to nillys realm" reason
    well even if you cant see him its still possible to hit and get loot from what i like to call invisimit.

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