Whites and Maxed stats.

  • Need help with whitebag farming. It seems impossible for players like Turtlebat and etc. to grab 7 GOOD whites per day, While T0 Noobs manage to get the rarest and most dangerous items in NR. People like me, the middle class, seem to never get good whites though. Is there like a hidden luck stat. for T0 weapons or something like that?

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    @Feedingnow no
    it's random
    why the fuck people still believe in that t0 myth

  • @loudman42069 Yeah... I have no idea why. BUT IT FUC8888 HAPPENS


    i honestly dont think its a myth i use 8/8 knight with ogmur and cap sword or 8/8 archer with dbow and get crap loots from most stuff then i go into the same dungs with a lvl 1-10 wizzy with t0 spell and staff and get a white bag or tops

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    @Mars said in Whites and Maxed stats.:

    i honestly dont think its a myth

    it's a myth
    i recall that some admin confirmed this

  • on a different server(loe realms) then they have something implemented where weaker characters have an increased chance for loot. Maybe NR has had that this whole time?


    a myth or not t0 weps and abilities get me more whites than maxed op weapons do

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    'Ermahgewd in this one tomb I got 0/3 with an 8/8 cap ogmur crowned knight while a lvl 1 nub got 3/3 pyra uh staff loot system confirmed broken'

    First of all, you're probably biased towards your data, like your brain is programmed to be. If you got 3/3 and the lvl 1 nub got 0/3, you probably wouldn't even notice, while you do notice it when it's the other way around. Also, there are way more lvl 1 nubs than op knights, so no shit that they seem to get better stuff.
    Second of all, you can't say anything about the loot system based on just one dungeon. If you do wanna say something about the loot system, you'll need to start collecting data from everyone single tomb, and I'll bet that those lvl 1 nubs won't seem so lucky anymore.
    Go read a book on statistics if you want to make some actual claims about the loot system.

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    @hurrrdurrr excactly this. From a certain dmg on you have a certain chance of getting a white. It's just very weird to us ppl in general that you might get the same reward doing way less than smn other and you'll rather notice the players getting whites with bad equipement than the ones with good equipement, as hurrdurr already explained. Also if it would be true there would be tons of players playing with low tier equipement only. But there aren't.

  • Wow. I never expected that much response, but thanks!

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