Incomplete Ideas Because RotMGdraw is Dead 4 me

  • American Group

    Idea 1: The Mitre (that thing the pope wears) OR "Holy Hat"
    Desc: When you wear it, you feel protected.
    Sprite: Why is RotMGdraw not working
    Drops From: Undecided, 0.01%
    In Ring slot
    +30 HP
    +50 MP
    +2 VIT
    +4 WIS
    Idea 2: Joke Book (Is a joke item)
    Desc: Magical jokes for magical laughter.
    Sprite: RotMGdraw pls
    Drops From: Undecided
    50 MP Cost
    +70 HP
    3 sec. Healing
    30 sec. Hallucinating + Hexed
    The reason I created this topic/thread is because I'm not in the full item-creating mode and want to just spew some stuff out. Plus, I wanna post only complete item ideas in Design Ideas Section.
    Please tell me if I should put this in the Design Ideas Section pls.

  • Meme

    'The Mitre' might offend some ppl (don't ask me why, ppl get offended easily these days).
    'holy hat' and the description are awful, sry.
    Edit: ring's stats are garbage. Compare it to other ring, it's completly useless.
    Also, 30sec hal. + hexed? I hope that's a typo
    Edit: oh w8, that's a different item. Well name, again, awful and what's the point of that item. Making only yourself hal and hexed. That's a pretty bad joke tbh and I would most likely kms after 1 day of using it and laughing about myself

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