UDL drop

  • <Object type="0x2367" id="Lustful Edge" setType="0x3" setName="Swoll Paladin Set">
    <Description>A Cursed sword on a constant search for the perfect host</Description>
    <ObjectId>Red BigBullet</ObjectId>
    <DisplayId>Lustful Edge</DisplayId>
    Lustful Edge
    A cursed sword on a constant search for the perfect host
    100-120 damage
    pierce mutlihit and ignores obstacles (prolly remove multihit)
    size 100
    shot red bigbullet
    5% fame
    1 shot
    10 arcgap
    white from udl vampires at 0.005
    200 speed
    250 lifetime
    200% ROF
    1.28 frequency
    0.18 amplitude
    5 range
    -10 hp
    Why is it unique
    its High speed and Rof (unless vorpal has that then its a poor mans vorpal?)

  • Wiki Editor

    It seems like a bbath wanna-be reskin for sword classes with piercing/obstacle piercing. .-.

    Try rethinking on this.

  • @Creeper how tho.

  • Wiki Editor

    This post is deleted!

  • @Creeper its a piercing weapon its suppose to be used on high def tho and bbath isnt a piercing weapon tho
    i guess the blood thing makes it kinda similar but theres a lot of that kind of shit.
    well its not as bad than all the demonic and fire type stuff in the game

  • Wiki Editor

    @dusk Yeah, just missed that .-. My statement there was wrong.

    Otherwise, it's basically a direct upgrade of Cap/hammer if all shots connect and considering if the shot doesn't come back due to higher DPS and range than both of them (which attacking should be easy due to the small waviness of the shots.)

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