Halloween Marketplace! [MAP]

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    Halloween Marketplace

    alt text

    Notes: Pretty much the same Marketplace, except with Halloween themed decorations and Castle "easter egg" replacing the forest maze.

    Marketplace Area

    alt text

    Notes: Self-explainatory, every item that should show up in Market is in their respective order to prevent confusion.


    alt text

    Notes: Found on top of the Marketplace Area, so people don't have to hop servers to buy Keys.

    Fame Shop

    alt text

    Notes: Found on the left of the Marketplace Area, so people don't have to hop servers to buy pure Fame.

    Marketplace Weaponry

    alt text

    Notes: Found on the bottom of the Marketplace Area, you can go to your Vault, change characters, go to Nexus, change your name (even through there's no way to get Gold) and go to Guild Hall (that if n0lly adds the Guild Hall in the Marketplace Server).

    Halloween Castle Courtyard

    alt text

    Notes: The entrance to the sp00ky castle on top of the Marketplace Area, to the right you can find a switch that opens the door towards the Castle, while the ART Boxes across the courtyard is the window lightning you can find in Manors and such.

    Halloween Castle

    alt text

    Notes: Full view of the Castle.

    Halloween Castle Entrance

    alt text

    Notes: The Castle's first room, to the right you can go to the "second floor" through the stairs.

    Halloween Castle Kitchen and Hallway

    alt text

    Notes: Self-explainatory, you can go into the Kitchen by destroying the breakable purple walls, and through the hallway on the left there are Armors as decorations, also candelabras.

    Halloween Castle Bedroom and Kitchen Path

    alt text

    Notes: This shows the Kitchen path towards the Dining Room, the rest of the hallway and the bedroom, you can find a Drawer in the bedroom to change your skin.

    Halloween Castle Dining Room

    alt text

    Notes: Self-explainatory, also accessible via a path through the Kitchen.

    Halloween Castle Treasury

    alt text

    Notes: What's a castle without treasures? And no, you won't find a Shatters Chest in here.

    Halloween Castle Great Hall

    alt text

    Notes: A hall with some candelabras and armors, leads towards the Graveyard.

    Halloween Castle Graveyard

    alt text

    Notes: A graveyard with, well, gravestones and pumpkins and cauldrons, also you can find the good ol' Big Jack O' Latern here.

    I hope you guys like it.

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