Buying Prod Account

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    Not looking for one with great items, just one with a decent char or two and a good enough pet. And yes, I am a prod fag. Suck it.

    Don't really have a price cap, but I dont want to spend too much moneys.
    Payment will be a mixture of NR fame and paypal money, as well as a donator account too (depending on their value nowadays).
    Please post accounts and how much you would like for them and Ill consider the options (if Im looking to buy, Ill give u a pm)

    Oh, and Im not going first. Just saying. And if you don't trust me, just realise that I have no reason to scam - I joined 7 months ago and Ive been working for pretty much all this time to build up a well known (ish) charisma and I have no wish to ruin all of that just by stupidly scamming someone. If I wanted to scam, I would have created a new forum account that couldnt be traced back to this one to do it with, but I havent, so hopefully that proves Im trustworthy enough.

  • I don't have much of a pet, its only common, this account was made for storage, 2/8 wizzy and 14 vault chests if this suits you, pm me

  • Mezzoforte

    I have a an account with 4 vaults blue star, 3 chars and a few decent whites, the chars are not maxed and I can give email access pm me

  • @LagoonZz I have a prod account with Crown, Cronus, Gemstone, Fire armor, Pyra etc.. with 10k base fame. The pet is a perfect 50/50 heal mheal max uncommon. I'm selling for nillys fame only so if you can place a good offer on that its yours

  • Im selling a orange star acc. 1 chars slot, 2 vault chests, dblade and puri. Pet is maxed rare humanoid Heal, Mheal, Electric + 2nd Humanoid 66/60. Looking for around 10k (havent sold a prod acc before so idk if that price is good. let me know if its too much or too low ).
    ps: I have lots of dyes if that matters

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