How 'bout not a Shuriken

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    ...But instead we get a spiked ball of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.

    [This is an item suggestion for the Ninja's special ability]

    (Took me forever to even get it to look this... decent... but... I'm feelin' it, y'know?)

    Name: Spike Infused Shot Put

    Description: Bedlam's bulwark in the First Realm Wars, this weapon was launched from catapults to annihilate anything it came down upon. It was the heaviest weapon of these times, and for that reason, very effective.

    Description of the Description: [[THIS IS COMPLETELY MADE UP FOR THE FUN OF IT]] The First Realm Wars - essentially what caused Bedlam to be put into an asylum. Once a most useful guide for lost citizens, the darkness from Oryx's curse on the realm corrupted Bedlam, and he declared war against the people of the realm. Sadly, those who so fondly looked up to him stood by his side in the war. You can guess as to what happened next.

    # Thrown: 1

    [The projectile sprite is the same as the item sprite, like how it is for all shurikens]

    Projectile Size: 125

    Projectile Rotation: 55

    Damage: 1300 - 1600 (1450)

    • Shots hit multiple enemies

    While Ability Key Held:

    • Drain 15 MP/sec
    • Damaging

    MP Cost: 130

    Range: 6

    • Speed: 10
    • Lifetime: 6000

    On Equip:

    • +5 Att
    • -5 Spd

    Fame Bonus: 5%

    Drops from: Bedlam (1/300 or 0.003)

    8x8: 0_1477609405175_NinjaStar8x8.png

    Unique and Balanced because: This "shuriken" is not meant for rushing, gaining speed, or anything of that sort. Instead, it focuses on heavy damage, and I mean HEAVY freaking damage. While holding down that ability key, you gain the damaging buff rather than the speedy buff, but your MP is drained faster. Also, the projectile does not move as fast as the other shurikens, in fact it moves more than fourteen times as slow (A T6 Shuriken has the speed of about 145, while this one has a speed of 10). You might wanna plan the movement of your enemies ahead of time before throwing this one out. The last thing is that the added stats tie in with the description some.

    I have two pretty big tests tomorrow, and what do I do? This. I do this. So failing those tests.


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    Interesting and powerfull shuriken but i feel it needs a nerf(mostly on the holding part).

    The damaging steals the pally's niche but plane/ctrap already steals other classes niches doesn't it
    Actually, i really like the sprite. Dunno if @Turtlebat will like it but i see that the colors do match with the asylum theme and does look like a spikeball(its not even easy, trust me i tried to make one too).

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    I started looking at the sprite and I got triggered
    before I read the name

    decent tbh +1

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    I like it @ClrPnk

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    .>says +1
    .>doesn't +1

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    I finally know how to remove that annoying white background from pictures without completely having to draw using paint . net. (WHICH I HATE). The pictures look way better for those that have a darker background. Yw.

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