Not getting my 7k fame

  • So I had an issue were I sold to a guy that sold fame I wanted to buy 7k because that all I had and I sent him the money for sure friends and family but it's not showing up for him but it says it's pending I showed him proof I sent it to him but like he can't see it I told him he needs to verify his PayPal but told it was but idk so should I just take the L and get no fame and not my money back ?

  • @Serpentyne whenever it's pending it's either because he has to accept it or the email address is wrong
    By click on the payment on PayPal page you can cancel it.

  • Alright I'm go check it out thank you so much let me see if it will do

  • Rip can't cancel gives me the option but just gives me the receipt

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