Selling 40k+ fame through Paypal ($1 - 1k)

  • I have over 40k fame I'm trying to sell. If you're interested in purchasing just follow these simple directions

    1. msg me on NR (IGN: Orbit) or through the forums.
    2. We'll discuss how much fame you want to purchase & any possible negotiations
    3. I'll send you my link with everything set up for the decided amount.

    I don't send first. I record all transactions to prevent either of us from being scammed. Minimum purchase amount is 1k fame.

    Any way of contacting me: Here, IGN: Orbit,

  • Just saying I wouldn't post your skype name out.

  • @YeeYee Just wanted to add another way for people to get in contact. You're right though. Edited.

  • Understandable, but getting an IP through skype isn't hard. Just don't want you to get ddossed.

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