selling nilly's realm account for $45

  • acc info
    ign gravityz
    has good items in market
    unlocked cyan,blue.white
    almost all vaults
    5 slots for characters
    msg me here

  • 27

    @lavataman Show us the items in the market pls otherwise this acc is not worth $45.

    Almost all vaults = about $2 at the most (remember when selling, things that are not sellable to gain fame such as char slots and vault spaces sell for about 1/3 of the price they were bought for).
    Cyan, blue, white - $1
    5 slots = $2
    nearly 5k on the account = $5

    So sorry, but at the moment your acc is worth about $10 - good luck selling it for $45
    EDIT: oh and the donor probably adds around $5-10 to it (not sure about the price of a donator acc atm)

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