( ITEM IDEA ) Dagger Of The Pumpkin Lord

  • Sprite:
    Name: Dagger Of The Pumpkin Lord
    Desc: Its forged in the woods by an old blind man, afterwards he was eaten by a giant snake. The sword was found by the one and only Pumpkin Lord. Thanks to Ivailo for sprite and stats!
    Stats: +20 MP +10 WIS
    Shot Size: 90
    Min. Damage: 55
    Max. Damage: 80
    Shots: 3
    Arc Gap: 8
    Shotspeed: 140
    Lifetime: 250
    Range: 3.5
    Amplitude: 1
    Frequency: 0
    Wavy? -
    Parametric? -
    Rate of Fire: 90%
    Multihit? No
    Armor Piercing? No
    Ignores Obstacles? No
    Fame Bonus: 5%
    Drop Location & Chance: Belladonas garden at a rate of 1/122
    Bag Type: White
    How is it unique: This year there is no halloween items so I decided to make one.
    How is it balanced:
    Low base damage, so its good for low def enemies in glands for example. And it sucks for high def enemies.
    DPS is not too high. Better then foul but worse then bbdagger.

    DPS graph: 0_1477988576775_Екранна снимка (398).png

    Here is the XML:
    <Object type="0xaff" id="DaggDagger Of The Pumpkin Lord">
    <Description>Its forged in the woods by an old blind man, afterwards he was eaten by a giant snake. The sword was found by the one and only Pumpkin Lord. Thanks to Ivailo for sprite and stats!.</Description>
    <ObjectId>Body Bomb Blast</ObjectId>
    <ParticleTrail lifetimeMS="70">0xff9900</ParticleTrail>
    <ActivateOnEquip stat="0" amount="5">IncrementStat</ActivateOnEquip>
    <ActivateOnEquip stat="3" amount="10">IncrementStat</ActivateOnEquip>
    <ActivateOnEquip stat="27" amount="10">IncrementStat</ActivateOnEquip>
    <DisplayId>DaggDagger Of The Pumpkin Lord</DisplayId>

    Criticism is accepted! Let me know what do you think :D

    PS: Keep in mind that this sh1t took me 3 hours!

  • @Notamemelord said in ( ITEM IDEA ) Dagger Of The Pumpkin Lord:

    It still smells like him.

    Just... no...

  • @Nicolelynnn Alright I will change it then


    i have 2 things first it sounds like you mixed a sword and phoenix wand. second is that if its for sin it sounds like there is no point for the hp boost especially since its only 5 hp that will literally make zero difference if something other than a snake is shooting you. And a bonus this sounds like it would be used for spamming poisons not actually shooting stuff with it unless you are standing on it with the wide shot spread and 3.5 range it would be kind of useless as a dagger. And last thing the drop rate 1/500 wtf its not even that good cap sword is 1/200 and phoenix wand is 1/333 so drop rate is a little retarded. That is all.


    i know that was more than 2 i had some more wtfs after the first 2.

  • @Mars Will fix the drop rate.
    Will remove hp buff and add some more mp.
    And the dagger is supposed to be a swap out not a main weapon


    @Notamemelord alright its just with the 1/500 it would be very expensive and alot of ppl would probably use as a main weapon. But thx.

  • 27

    Bit too overpowered in my opinion - sorta like the firestorm, and the firestorm is a much rarer dagger. I dont think it should have 3 shots because that sorta renders the bbath useless and also against chests this would be a bit too op.

    Then again im half asleep so im probably writing some complete bullshit here

    EDIT: why does it also look like a dildo that used ToysRUs to inspite it's colour scheme :/

  • it doesnt make sense to me .-. its for assasain, but you have to sit on the enemy to use it effectively o-0 if u ask me, this should be a "rework the hairy karambit" page, not a new dagger page(because healing grenade would keep you alive.

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