Buying fame for Amazon GC (1k:$1.1) -> There's ways linked below if you don't know how to get them

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    So, yeah. Amazon GC. My laptop got rekt by the hardest of drives, so I'm gonna save up for a new one. I have 8k fame on me right now, I'm saying 1k = $1.1 only because Amazon isn't nearly as gud as paypal moneys.

    Ways to get them (linked below)

    Probably one of the most common, well known beer money sites. They offer a lot to do so you shouldn't get too bored. Their mobile apps(Swagbucks tv- 36 SB, Entertainow- 10 SB, 10 SB, 10 SB, 10 SB, and 10 SB) can get you $25+ per month just for running videos. I've linked my code, because if I'm not mistaken, earning 300SB in the first month after signup nets you a extra 300 SB and I think I get some too.

    Reddit Simpler. You can buy Amazon codes for maybe %82-90 of the value. Be careful and don't get rekt.

    Will update when I find more sites that you can fund my new laptop with.

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