Possibly buying prod def for fame?

  • How much. I've watched some prices but honestly I'm sick of farming on prod.

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    @Prism I think I have a few DEF pots stored on my main and a few others on an alt. Dunno how much you want for them.

    Wait, you're looking for offers. Welp, I normally don't trade, welp ;-;

  • @Creeper I might suck it up and go farm def on my knight for prod but he almost died 5 times in god lands. So i thought about buying some and came here to look for prices.

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    @Prism Ah rip.

    Erm... well, if I'm looking around correctly, life goes for 200-300 (in which I don't have life as a whole dammit).

    But meh, (cuz I don't play prod these days), I'll sell it to ya 25 a piece (200 if you're buying 8)

    Not sure of true prices, but that's all I can assume as a whole.

    People may say I'm wrong, but that's because I normally don't do trades between prod/nr xddd

    Total, I have 14 DEF. If you do buy all 14 (may take a bit to go through alts to get through all of them) I may shove in an ATK+DEX+WIS to be a nice dude and get rid of prod for good xddd.

    [edit]: (my calculations are going as 1 life: 8 DEF. Prices may have changed due to inflation but don't know tbh)

  • @Creeper ah I might dude. Rn im needing sleep. I stayed up till 1 yesterday and I must recover for school tomorrow. We can PM about this tomorrow.

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    @Prism Yeah, same here xdddd. I feel ya man.

    No worries, take your time.

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    Ok, we've traded it out. 350 fame for 14 DEF (and a few other pots of gratitude for baring with my slow af computer)

    I went first, 8 (200) then 1+5 (150), on all times of trading. (order of pots given due to alts)(and others in the mix like atk/dex/wis)

    Don't lock it if you saw my other message (sorry for tag)

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