Scam Report from mlgHappyFt (Scammed by RJDLv, Deals, and Slight)

  • IGN: RJDLv, Slight, Deals
    Proof: - Screenshot about 1x1 bets - Other screenshot
    Video - (video should be there, if not wait until tomorrow at 11 AM PCT)
    Other: RJDLv was the person who scammed me. He was doing 1x1 Bets in Marketplace and said that he would give me 2 speed pots if I lost but I had to give him 5k worth of stuff for the bet. I gave him a lot of my stuff worth 5k and he used a mule or dummy account to trade to it named Slight. He used vaults to put a lot of my stuff in. I kept on waiting for him to respond. I kept on telling him to respond and give my stuff back because he took a long time. When he came back from his vault, he was just standing there and saying in the public chat about 1x1 bets and just stood there for 15-20 minutes. After waiting 20 minutes, he disappeared and I saw a new user next to me say on the chat about 1x1 bets and had the exact same stream link as RJDLv. Stream: I noticed that Slight just copied and pasted what RJDLv said 15 minutes ago. I told slight to give my stuff back that he stole on the RJDLv account. He then made a stupid excuse and said that he got it from his older brother which seems ridiculous. There was a witness who saw what was going on and got scammed by him to but with no video or screenshot: DickCancre. People like RJDLv and Slight ruin the Nilly's Realm community and they must be banned. I have screenshots and video on top. Thank you Moloch or Nilly and I hope you do something about RJDLv, Slight, and Deals.
    PS: Deals is another dummy account he uses for 1x1 Bets he scammed me from that account for 2k fame but I do not have a video to support. :( It also says in the screenshot that he was going to rig it for me but I told him to be legit and he agreed. I declined a rig bet and I wanted legit because its a lot more fun then. Sorry Nilly and Moloch, I will not get scammed again and I will be very careful.
    My Apologies,

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    You're just dumb for doing this, Don't trust the bets next time.

  • @BronzeV I totally regret it and I was stupid. I typically do bets with VenPlays and is very trustworthy. I wanted to do bets during the afternoon instead of night so I tried to do it with RJDLv and he scammed me. Will never do bets again. Thanks for advice and constructive criticism.

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