Wow. Discussion too.

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    I thought these forums were dead! I'm sooo glad they are back! I was sick of not being able to communicate with like, Half of you guys. Now let's get to business. I have.. a few questions to ask.

    Question 1: Will Nilly work on this project by himself, or will he get new staff to support him?

    Question 2: How will things go, like will any new dungeons be added? (Because I want to continue by sky dungeon. Might need some help though...)

    Question 3: If new content will be added, what are the acceptions? Any that catches nilly's eyes?

    @Nilly Please answer some of these questions.

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    :O just realized. It's been 1 year since my forums account was made!

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    @Justin137 happy daybirth

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    So as far as question one goes, @Nilly is stepping down from this project. He has not said when he is, or who he is passing this burden on to, but as far as we know, he is not going to be working on this anymore. Maybe he will get on here and there, but other than that, nope. :(

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    @rjnrools I don't consider NR to be a burden :[

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    @BronzeV I say burden because it is a very large community, and with the status of the administration staff, it is kind of lacking. So I say it is a lot to handle, especially when you take on the title of "owner".

  • Does it mean when the game is passed on, it wont be Nilly's realm anymore?

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