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  • I used to make so ideas for the Pserver ROTMGTool and some of the ideas that never got made are on . click load, then all, then rotmgtool2 I made pretty much everything there except that first helm. You can use the ideas, change the name/color for all i care. It would just be cool to see those in game ^_^

    10/10 bewbs ( . Y . )

  • @cameron3472

    Well, RotmgTOOL has really shitty sprites. Your sprites are really, really bad. No offense, but comparing it with me, its really inferior (which is a bad thing because I suck).

    Well those are basically recolors of shit and have no shading. We dont need more recolors.

  • whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, its not rotmgtool, its the actualy realmofthemadgod editor, theyre the same as here.

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    For all of you who dont want to go through the effort of finding them, here they are: 0_1480243999287_upload-91483471-c986-4104-a25b-e141041c2373
    @cameron3472 imo theyre all too dark and dingy and they kinda hurt my eyes (not the sprites themselves, just the colours). If you were basing them off the oryx awesome set scheme, you would have noticed that the red is exceptionally brighter than the red used in these sprites here, and that is due to the contrast making the sprites more appealing.
    I quite like the look of the first helm, the one that looks like a decaying oryx head, and if you touch up the other sprites a little with some tlc, im sure theyll come out looking much better and more refined.

  • @LagoonZz thanks bb

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