Actually good assasin set idea

  • I am making this post because i know we all think that the assasin set is $#!t
    I have made this idea not to get blind critysiscm but to get good ideas from the comunity and maybe, just maybe to get it implemented in the game


    alt text
    alt text
    Forest forged dagger

    A beautifully forged blade, still dripping with the Holy Water it was quenched with

    Dammage 60-300
    Range 4.5
    rate of fire 80%
    speed 100
    lifetime 450
    on equip:
    -2 dex
    -3 spd
    fame bonus 6%
    balanced because its a buffed spirit dagger with shorter range and stat penaltys and it also does damage VERY compareable to a spirit dagger and dammage higher than a foul
    its distinguished by its shots hit multiple targets
    CHECKED PFIFFEL more dammage on chests than spirit dagger or foul by more than 300

    Oil of burning pain
    a concentrated oil extracted from poisen oak and poisen ivy to create a deadly medley

    Poisen grenade: 850 dammage over 8 seconds within 8 squares
    on equip:
    mana cost 125
    +4 wis
    fame bonus 5%
    balanced because its the middle between a plauge and a t5/t6 poisen
    also it has more mp less dammage but more range so its pretty balanced

    Mossy protection
    On equip
    +16 def
    +1 spd
    +1 dex
    +45 MP
    +35 HP
    fame bonus 5%
    its balanced because it csilk with lowered spd and dex but reasonable hp and mp buffs

    Invigorating sapling
    A baby sapling that gives you renewed strength anytime you gaze upon it
    +5 vit
    +3 def
    +75 MP
    +75 HP
    4% fame bonus
    balanced because it is similair to expo/cornicopia it has more mp and hp than reactor buy is punishing on spd and dex


    and i have no fcking idea how to delete those bulletpoints :(

    +120 hp
    +140 mp
    +19 def
    +4 wis
    +0 atk
    -3 spd
    -1 dex
    +5 vit

    So at 8/8 on an assasin your stats would look like this
    840 HP
    415 MP
    44 DEF
    60 ATK
    64 WIS
    72 SPD
    45 VIT
    74 DEX

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Mana cost for ability?
    Where does it drop from?
    How is the set unique/versatile/balanced?

  • Wiki Editor

    The Dagger: It's just a reskinned Dirk of Cronus but with more spd/dex and no wis. Work the dex into the fire rate. Right now, it's just a step ahead of Cdirk. Or think of something different than higher damage/shorter range.

    The Poison: An overall... buffed Plaque Poison with more damage for a shorter time period than the Plague and a 1-tile difference between the two. I can see where you're going but... this will take Plague's niche if used.

    The Armor: So... a Coral Silk Armor with more MP but less HP? Try to think of something else. I see mana usages but... that's taken everywhere.

    The Ring So... a Heart of the Dragon with less DEF for more spd/MP? Hmm... can't help with that tbh.

    Overall... your set seems like copycats of items within the game.

    this is why people who make items should look at the damn wiki before placing stuff down without realizing that there are items very much similar to this

    What you're missing:


    • Speed/Lifetime
    • Amplitude(Alliteration)/Frequency
    • Reason why it's unique/balanced


    • MP Cost (astranite said that already)
    • Reason why it's unique/balanced (not really balanced/unique in the first place imho)


    • Description
    • Reason why it's unique/balanced


    • Description
    • Reason why it's unique/balanced

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Also, I know I'm a bit late reviewing this so somebody likely made the same points as me. whoops.

    OVERALL: Please use some kind of premade layout to provide information. You're missing a lot!

    DAGGER: Reskinned Cdirk?
    VENOM: Doesn't seem very unique. It's a weaker UH poison that lasts longer but has 3 extra tiles. Seemingly overpowers plague posion. Definatley needs to be reconsidered.
    ARMOR SLOT: More unique than the rest of the set. Still follows the same stat like other than MP and HP of the Banished Vest of Slaying.
    RING: Is very similar to Cornucopia stat-wise.

    NOTE: Make sure to compare your items ot currently existing ones in Nilly's Realm to avoid copying/overpowering others. Same applies for existing UTs in the main ROTMG item line as well.

    It seems that nearly everything in your set needs to be reconsidered for originality.


    • To clarify, I pulled these off Rotmgdraw under flameytail.
      0_1480290082894_Alph..png 0_1480290089455_POI.png

    Sprite Opinion:

    ARMOR: Not that bad honestly. Kinda looks like something creeper would wear for keks.. Definately could be worse, but I feel like it captures the mossy feel very well.
    'Ring': Doesn't seem that good, but when compared to the ripe apple in the game already, It could be worse. Derfinately could be improved on.
    Dagger: Just not charming to look at. I understand the holy water matches with this description, but it doesn't come off right. Also the extra pixel of lime green on the farther left corner of the blade is repulsive to look at currently. Consider removing it. Overall shape isn't very interesting as well.
    Poison: It's alright. Could look a little more refined, but decent.

    NOTE: The set seems...ambitious to what it's trying to be visually. However, in doing so it has become either too small or too messy.

  • @Pringle TY for the ideas yes i tryed to base it of of things realatily good for the assasin and im not trying to copy it though

  • @astranite sorry forgot mana for poisen 95 and well idk where it will drop from maybe limoz the plauge bearer when LOD is put in?
    and well... Its unique in the way that it is actually usable instade of the assasin set that is currently i the game


  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Flameytail Pretty sure the poison would be over powered. T5/6 Poison cost 120 mana for 950 damage. You should probs up the mana quite a bit

  • @astranite so like 105?

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    @Flameytail I was thinking maybe just 120/130 since it has almost the same range as a plague poison


  • @astranite Thx i edited it

  • You wrote damage wrong... its damage not dammage.

  • Dagger: Looks like a flipped Etherite with a few more pixels. The damage seem balanced to me, as it has less ROF but more damage. You're missing the Amplitude and Frequency on this. Also shot lifetimes and shot speed (components of your range).
    Armor: Nothing special about the sprite there, but It's alright. The stats seem ok, but I'm not sure if I like the -25 HP in trade for a +50 MP. The Dex/Speed boost seem to inferior, because you have less def and less HP. Try to buff the Dex/Spd a bit more.
    Ability: The sprite is not that good, the bottle looks a bit... off. Is the range the radius or diamater? I assume diameter because the super large bomb poison has already been taken by Plague.The diameter, i'm assuming is 8, so the radius is 4, which is like, low, like T3 poison low. 85 Damage per second, comparable to the T3 poison. 125 MP would be very high, even higher than the best poisons in game rn. -2 dex would be just bad. This ability needs to be buffed greatly.
    Ring: Not as good as any other sprite i've seen. But then again, there's the Apple. Missing description. +100 HP AND MP!? Thats a little overpowered right there. If you want that action, you need some serious negative stat bonuses. Say you lowered the HP/MP, that would make this whole ring trash. The Spd, Def, and Vit is near nonexistence. Similar to expo? No, this is unbalanced and basically an admin item as of now.

    OVERALL: Needs to be worked on. Not good enough to be implemented. FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES AND DONT EXCLUDE CERTAIN PARTS (Shot life/spd)!!!!

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    Dagger: You just said it,Spirit dagger upgrade.

    Poison: Well, this is bad, you would proffit so hard in OAs, and aldo would make Plague useless. On top of that, it is very spammable with my ultimate poison thrower assasin set(Carambit/(Your choice)/Toad skin/Geb ring).

    Armor: Same with dagger, just an upgrade.

    Ring: Not sure about this one.

    The set lacks originality. It lacks some info too, like the sprites.

    Le tips:
    1.-Think your ideas, how can they be different from the existing items, their playstyles, etc...
    2.-My famous word: FOLLOW THE GODDAMN FORMAT!!!

  • ☭ HammerSickle ☭

    Ok, here's my view on things.

    Dagger: Last I checked, it was pretty OP, now I guess it's more balanced. Still, 80% ROF with -2 Dex is kind of bad, but it's a dagger class's weapon, so -2 dex would be nothing.

    What does it drop drom? What is drop chance?
    Also, the description isn't that well.
    A beautifully forged blade, still dripping with the Holy Water it was quenched with. This should be the description.

    Ability: Half decent, but mana cost is too high, and lacks damage. What does it drop drom? What is drop chance?

    +4 wis is inferior to the Toad Bile one, but nobody uses that.

    Armor: Ehh, I mean, it isn't the best. The +1 spd/dex is really inferior, and 30/25 is nonexistent. 16 def... is a little too little

    NOT DONE (ha to go eat)

  • @jhuiNillysRealm

    16 def is griffonhide witch i will remind you is just one def less than a hydra or griff and the +30MP +25 hp is good(sompared to like say a wyrmhide) i agree that the +1 spd 1 dex it a little small but on an assasin you really just need more mana than dex right?

    I think (and so does astranite) that the inbetween plauge and t6/t5 poisen range makes all the difference

  • ☭ HammerSickle ☭

    @Flameytail Are you not a native English speaker? No offense, your english is a bit... off. No pressure, English was my second (or third) language too (Chinese Mandarin and Russian being my native[s])

    Anyways, I wasn't done with the review, so here's the new revised one.

    Best to worst colors in my r8's:
    Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, White

    Armor: Assassin can just wear a EXA/UB HP ring for their health bonus. 35 HP isn't going to cut it. 35 mana isn't either, just look at Vestment or Harlequin. I do know that Vestment's buff isn't that much either, but 50 is just over a normal T1 ring, which can add up. 35, however, is just too minuscule to make a difference. Def-wise, it's not bad, but as a player, I would like to have a lot of DEF on my assassins.

    Ring: The ring is absolutely OVERPOWERED. +120 HP and MP, along with 19 defense and some other regen stats. Just for the price of -3 speed and -1 dex, which to an assassin, which I remind you has 75 spd and 75 dex BASE, is nothing. Either give it a really, really high DEX and SPD debuff and a small VIT debuff as well, or lower the HP/MP/DEF!!!

    This set had more success than my sets, but I'd say it needs some work.


    Dagger: I say the dagger looks kind of like a mix between Bent and Etherite. Not bad, though. Never seen a sprite like this one.

    Armor: Looks like a dark version of the Leaf armor you get in LoD. Needs better sprite ASAP!

    Poison: Looks good enough to me, but maybe change the small 2x1 green in the middle.

    Ring: Looks like a Ripe Apple remix...

  • @jhui sorry probbably should have said Total stat bonuses instead of stat buffs but yea those stats are just all the total stats not the rings stats. English is my first and basicly only language i know and my english is bad and i need to work on it XD
    thank you for the ideas on the armor, i have gotten many complements and complaints on it and i think i will buff the mp to 50 but i will keep the HP the same because at maxed HP you would have 840 hp which is very good
    Assasins and archers are probbably my favorite classes and my playing style for assasins is basicely throw a couple of poisons get SB with maybe.... 30ish shots with dagger. i have desinged this set for a sort of poison throw attack poison throw attack sort of playing style the only sprite im really attatched to is the dagger

  • ☭ HammerSickle ☭

    @Flameytail It's always good to read the "criticism". :D

  • @jhui yea :) i really just want a good(ish) set to use and to be credited after me

  • ☭ HammerSickle ☭

    @Flameytail Doesn't everybody? I mean, it would be great if my Bile Set made it... I should repost it.

  • @jhui ill be sure to look at that :)

  • ☭ HammerSickle ☭

    @Flameytail I remade it, made it more balanced. It's up now :D

  • The Great Cabbage Thief

    I like the Armor, but it doesn't match the brown that's included in every other sprite.

    The dagger is really awkward like that, maybe flip it around, it looks really weird and would be awkward to hold in real life; also the shading of it is rather poor and has room for improvement.

    I don't know what's in the bottle, if it's filled with poison leaves then that's fine, but put it in the description so it makes sense, otherwise it doesn't look like liquid.

    The keys is chill, it's not good, but it's a key so it's not really a big deal.

    I don't know why you didn't make shots or a ring, but that's up to you, and I would advise that you don't make a normal ring, you could make a enchanted leaf or piece of bark on a string and have it as an amulet. For the shots you could use the leaf bow shot, that would make sense, but you could also just use a slice, like the emmy, and reskin it a small amount to fit with the concept

    I'll do the stats in a bit

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