Bile Set (knight)

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    Bile Set for knight

    SO. So. This set was re-statted and yet again! Thank you all so much for your positive comments!

    Anyways, I've decided to remove the ring and crown the set [INCOMPLETE] as of now.

    Basically, the sword will be like a really, really powerful Battle-Axe, but with negative stats. Armor is CC, but -10 spd instead of dex. Shield gives many debuffs in trade for great damage. Most of the set boosts the att so that the knight can attack super good.

    The purpose of this set is to make people want to stay for WC and kill the biles of oryx.

    Make it so that the bag drops at your character (at the tile when you killed that bile). This is so that you don't risk your ass trying to grab it.

    Feed power for all items is 0 because there are no pets.

    Bile Coated Claymore
    0_1456587710497_Bile S.png
    Shot: 0_1456588052828_Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 7.47.07 AM MLG! (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง.png
    Tier: UT
    Desc: A heavy claymore made of Skysteel forged by the Heaven Goblins of the Cloud Region. As you swing it, it feels light, but you feel less nimble than before.
    Dmg: 190-275
    Shots: 1
    Range: 2.7
    Projectile speed: 300
    projectile life: 90
    106% ROF
    -7 Dex
    +4 Att
    +7 Def
    Fame Bonus: 6%
    Drops From: Bile of Oryx
    Drop rate: 1:500
    Why it is balanced - The sword is very, very powerful, kind of unbalanced. It makes you think twice about using it, however, because of range and negative stats.

    Dripping Bile Plate
    Tier: UT
    Desc: The armor was clearly made for a larger being. When you wear it, it seems as if you would never reach your destination.
    +30 DEF
    -10 spd
    Drop rate: 1:500
    Drops from: Bile of Oryx
    Fame: +5%
    Balanced: CC armor whittles your Dexterity. This one whittles your speed. Intended for a knight set, but better on a warrior.

    Escutcheon of the Contaminators
    Shot: Same as sword
    Tier: UT
    Desc: A large shield once used by the Contaminators of the North. The shield allowed them to obliterate even Nature Crystals Summoned by the Green Mages, but slowed them down greatly.
    Dmg: 300-340
    Shots: 6
    Range: 3
    Projectile speed: 16
    Effects on Enemy:
    Stunned for 4 seconds
    Poisoned for 2 seconds dealing 50 damage per second
    Goes through anything.
    Effect on self:
    Slowed for 3 seconds
    Sick for 3 Seconds
    Effect on party:
    slowed for 2.5 second
    MP COST: 110
    +15 Def
    +4 Att
    -7 SPD
    -4 DEX

    Drop Rate: 1:500
    Fame: +6%
    Balance: Allows you to tank many shots and deal some damage, but makes your character very slow. Especially if we add in the fact that only knights can use this.

    Bilestone Necklace

    Tier: UT
    Desc: A specially made stone that was enchanted with the best "unbreaking" spells for use with and only with The Bile Claymore. There is a strange carving on the back that reads "jhui", or something like that.

    Fame: +5%
    Balanced: Will re make this.

  • Desolated

    u cant have a shield and sword that shoots the same shot

  • Haven't looked at it all yet, but just a little quarrel. Sword is basically the Vorpal sword : )
    Also Sword has -1 dex. Armour has +5. Shield has -3 dex and ring has +6. So basically +7 dex

  • Desolated

    also the rings stats and description wasnt really well thought out i can make that ring in my sleep

  • @Ally He also forgot an apostrophe for the description

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    The added pixels around the items makes it look very messy. Even if that is what you're going for, its definately very unappealing to the eye.

    I do like the color scheme, however. Reminds me of the Cdirk.

    ((Quick stat comparisons!))
    Your armor is weaker than Card Armor in almost every way, excluding fame percentage.

    Your ring is weaker than Phoenix ring in every way.

    Nevermind, seems you changed them.

    You really need to check out the Nilly's Realm wiki and compare your items with the currently existing ones in both Nilly's Realm and Prod to make sure you don't have any items that are duplicates/inferior/superior to pre-existing ones in the niche they fill.

  • ☭ HammerSickle ☭

    @Ally Can you evaluate farther?

  • The Great Cabbage Thief

    The bile on the sword is really awkward because it really looks like it's attached to the sword and frozen in that state, it doesn't look like bile coming off the sword.

    I'd really like you to put more work into the ring, it looks like you throw something out because you couldn't think of something to make that would go with the rest of the set.

  • I like everything except the ring. It doesn't really match with whole set and he desc sucks.
    Remember I said I like everything else... uhmm yeah I feel like the armor is a reworked hydra with a tail (I'm talking about the sprite)

  • ☭ HammerSickle ☭

    @astranite Nobody uses or has a vorpal sword, so no need to mention that. The dex is put so that the user would think twice about using the items by themselves.

  • ☭ HammerSickle ☭

    @Ally I will make the ring again. It is trash as of now.

  • @jhui I wouldn't think twice, in the end you only need to hit them once for soulbound

  • ☭ HammerSickle ☭

    @Ashryver That's the point, the bile is kind of like half dried glue.

    And the ring, I spent minimal time on, and I will make it again, but better.

  • ☭ HammerSickle ☭

    @astranite That is true, I will see what I can do for the sword.

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    @Pringle I didn't have much time to make this set because I had to study some school stuff when I was creating the set, so I kind of rushed it. I also made the sprites before I knew what a Cdirk was.

    The BBath blood also looks pretty messy, and definitely needs shading (just saying).

    I will rework the whole set in a moment, I have to do some Tutor Work, ffs, fml.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕


    I also made the sprites before I knew what a Cdirk was.


    Also yes, the BBath is considered by the community to be the ugliest dagger in NR. Nobody wants a BBath-like sprite.

  • ☭ HammerSickle ☭

    @Pringle I know, but compared to the BBath, this looks much better. Not much of an achievement, more of a requirement. I like the BBath Dagger sprite without the blood, but the blood part ruins it.

    As said, I will make the set better, just not ATM.

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    BUMP :D hi

  • I do bad stuff ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I saw bile set and got triggered. (I posted a bile set a while ago but its for a totally different class so is ok :P) 0_1480635744959_Bile Set..png

  • sorry but the slowed on party is BS. think about it. in asylums a 8/8 knight stuns guard to run past it but can affored a couple shots but kills up other unmaxed people with the 200 dammage shots

  • ☭ HammerSickle ☭

    @Flameytail Kid, you can use a different shield when doing that.

  • eww /8chars

  • Bile shield, Bile Claymore, Bile armor

    These are not very creative names. Try to fit more formality in it.

    p.s I wouldn't make an item idea when the servers are probably gonna shut down. You wouldn't want to disappoint yourself.

  • ☭ HammerSickle ☭

    @GiraRay I don't really care about that, I do spriting for fun.

    I'm not done with the set, mostly focusing on the stats for now, not the names.

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