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    So... Never do a LAB with a warrior. Or any player with the IGN of Rileyscar! He dragged on me!
    0_1480478527258_Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 5.13.32 sheen jimmy.png

    My 3/8 rogue.... took so long to max the dex and speed...

    So yeah... i'm about to quit if I cant get a good character soon. Please ban him.

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    I'm sorry, but players don't really get banned for dragging even with proof, much less without proof...

    May I ask, though, how you got dragged on with a turret? Also, this picture is from the 27th of November... you waited before making this post by two days? why? o -o

    As creeper said right under me, you shouldn't teleport into the boss room. If you teleported in and happened to stand on a turret, that IS NOT dragging. That is merely being unlucky. Not saying this did happen, but if it did, then Rileyscar is innocent.

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    I may have a tip for ya: when he's close to the boss, just tp [when close but not in boss room]. He'd probs be in the hallway to the boss and you can attack safely and prepare yourself.
    Never teleport on boss as you may never know if there'd be a potion sitting there or something. You may never know.
    Just don't tp last second.

    Real question tho: when did you tp? At the hallway, or on boss?

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    @Pringle I had other things on my mind, and forgot to take the picture. He dragged the rampage cyborgs on me, and i ran away, but the didn't see a turret, so it's kinda my fault, but I wouldn't be on low hitpoints if he didn't drag those on me.

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    @Creeper He was a leecher, i rushed the whole thing.

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