lag spikes and donor

  • I have good computer and good internet but i get random lag spikes for like a second or so out of nowhere when i play, not just me but people i play with and talk to have lag spikes at the same time as me so we think its server ive lost a couple characters worth about 600 fame to this is there anyways you can reduce lag spikes or prevent it at all and as for donor how do i donate and what would i get from it also what would the money go to

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    Answer on your donating part: You can't donate at the moment. What you'll get? You do know donating is giving someone money or something else for NOTHING in return?

    Answer on your lag spikes part: It's the server that causes lag. You can't really do anything about it. It may be your own internet connection but it's most likely to be server lag.

  • @Halloweenie. Yes but normally you get stuff like gold or a pet or something when it comes to pservers

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    @purple2 what you are talking about is buying perks, not donating. There are roughly 830 donators on this game, but if you didnt get anything with the donor perk, there would be under 100. Guaranteed.

    The donator perk is that you are able to skip queues into servers, other than dab like rachel, which will not allow any donors inside if it is already full (hopefully will be patched soon).

    When the donations were up, the minimum amount to donate was $10, and I seem to remember someone saying that 95% of the people only donated that much. That proves that only 5% of the game users actually care enough about the game to not just get away with spending as little as possible. Can you truthfully say that you are one of those 5%?

    Now, since that little rant has finished, ill give u some info. The only way to get a donator account atm is to buy one off someone else. Check the trading section for people that are selling them - around 10k - 10$ atm

  • @LagoonZz id easily donate 50 hoping ro fix servers

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    @purple2 as far as I am aware, there is already enough money in storage, it is just the problem of Nilly trying to find someone who will take over when he leaves. After that. hopefully everything should be pretty much fixed.

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