Nillys Realm now down or not ?

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    A lot of true people were involved in the Nillys Realm donation, and now these people are supposed to be stupid or what.
    The question today is.... UP or DOWN !
    Nilly.... we waint for a true replay.

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    And that reply is a maybe xD

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    Couple of things here.

    Issue number Juan: what the fuck is this. If you're asking a question, ask a fucking question. Dont build up to a question then provide a statement.
    Issue numero too: Even more people were not involved in the donation, and NR is still fucked. It doesnt matter who donated and who didn't, it will die if there is no management, and at the moment the future isnt looking too bright.
    Issue nombre tree: End a question with a question mark (surprising hint in the name, there), and end an exclamation with an exclamation mark (wow omg such a coincidence). Do not end a question with a fucking exclamation mark, because then it is no longer a question? (see, makes no fucking sense to have the wrong punctuation)
    Issue numba floor: I have never wainted for a replay in my life, but whatever you want replaying, it had better be good.

    A little clarification here: yes, I am bored. Yes I enjoy picking on shitty posts that make perfect sense but theyre fun to ridicule anyway.
    I am a cunt.

    P.S Jack and Halloweenie I still luv ya <3 (luv me back plis)

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    LagoonZz toggle mode to Geb Rage ;D ahahaaaa

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    @LagoonZz luv u back or smth

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    @Jack-the-Ripper of course you do im amazing

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