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  • Hello, Grondas Queendom is a guild where we do dungeons together, farm together, do NPEs together and many other things. You can Skype with others as well, but just with some because not everyone has Skype. We are very active on a certain time as most of us live in Europe and Asia, but we are trying to recruit people from every time zone so the guild is active on every time. We´re a serious guild as well, that means that you need to earn your voice here in the guild. Thats why we are looking for people that actually want to join us to get this guild far and make it one of the best and not for people that hope to get free stuff from us or just to fuck around. We also do help sometimes, but begging is a no-go for us. There are rules to follow as well, which you will have to read on the guild board if you will join. We have requirements to filter out the ones that just want free items or similar things, but you do not require one or multiple maxed chars in order to join, dont worry. But in return you need to have at least a red star. We hope to get nice players that we will have fun with, so feel free to apply by using the application form that you can find down below. A staff member will respond within 0-2 days to your application, so keep an eye out on the topic for a response after you applied. If you applied, you can get three possible answers:

    Denied (That means you wont get invited to the guild for one or multiple reasons, but you can apply again after 3 days, or if a lead staff tells you when, as long as you reached the requirements till then)

    Accepted (That means you will get invited as soon as you contact a lead staff ingame after you told him that you got accepted on the guild topic)

    Under Review (That means that the lead staff that gave you "Under Review" is not sure if he should invite you and will ask other lead staffs if you should be accepted or not)

    If you got accepted, you have to go through a 4 day probation phase as an initiate. If you break one rule or behave negatively or anything like that while in your probation phase, you will get kicked. If you passed the probation phase, you will get promoted to member and have a chance to be promoted to officer if you stay loyal and do good for the guild.

    So feel free to apply if you meet the requirements of course.

    If you have questions/things to say regarding the guild, dont write it here on the topic, PM any lead staff instead.

    Also note that every officer/leader responds to applications differently.



    • Loyalty
    • Red star or above (Dark blue if we have under 10 dark blue members)
    • Respect
    • Good English skills
    • Not being a begger
    • Not being a retard


    Guild Rules:

    • Dont be mean to your fellow guild members
    • Dont be an annoying begger
    • Dont question the lead staffs decisions
    • Never ask for rank (Your chances of getting higher rank are getting less if you do)
    • Dont spam the chat
    • Dont scam other players
    • Dont kill or drag someone in purpose
    • If you go inactive for a long period of time, contact a lead staff that you will do so, otherwise you could get kicked for inactivity

    More rules are on the guild board.



    Ingame name:
    Star color:
    Why do you want to join this guild?*
    Why should we accept you into the guild?*:
    How active are you?:
    Have you read the rules?:
    Will you be loyal?:
    In what guild were you before?:
    Anyone in the guild you know?:

    TIP: If you apply, you NEED to use this application form. Copy it, paste it in reply, then fill the application. Also, questions marked with * have to be answered with at least two sentences.

    Note: Ingame applications are possible but only if the affected person cant apply on the forums for any reason.

    Note 2: Dark blues may apply IF the guild has under 10 dark blue members.

    People you can ask to join after your application got accepted:

    - Founder: Gronda
    - Leaders: Epiphany, AznDoctor, Boyka and FaceHugger
    - Officers: DonTron, Justinkat, Hoomin and Baguette


    People that got accepted via forum application and has yet to be invited to the guild:

    • Noahlegend

    Names will be removed after one week.


    People that applied ingame and got accepted to the guild:

    Ingame Name: --------------- Join Date: --------------- Invited by:
    ----------------------- __________ ---------------- ---------------- ----------------
    -Urinalcake ---- -- - -- -- - --- 22.06.2016 ---------- ----- Gronda
    -LiamFury ---- - - - -- - - - --- 26.06.2016 ---------- ----- AznDoctor
    -Dugie - ------ - - - - -- - - - --- 03.07.2016 ---------- ----- Gronda
    -KZstu - ----- - - - - - -- - - ---- 08.07.2016 ---------- ----- Hoe

    This list is for Officers/Leaders/Gronda in case they get confused if they see people in the guild that didnt applied on the topic, so they know they applied ingame.


    Member List:

    • Founder/Queen

    The founder/queen created the guild and controls the whole guild, she always has the last word for everything that is regarded/being decided for the guild.

    -Gronda () (Active)

    • Leaders

    Leaders are there to assist the Queen. They help the Queen with making decisions for the guild, choosing who will be officers, give advises to the queen and they generally watch over the guild to make sure that everything is alright. They also answer to applications.

    -Epiphany () (Inactive)
    -AznDoctor () (Active)
    -FaceHugger () (Active)

    • Officers

    Officers are there to watch over the members and initiates. They promote initiates that passed the probation phase, demote/kick the ones that behave negatively, invite the ones that got accepted and they generally keep peace within the guild. They also answer to applications.

    -Baguette () (Active)
    -DonTron () (Active)
    -Justinkat () (Active)
    -Hoomin () (Active)

    • Members

    Members are representing the guild. They generally help each other out and take a part in everything the guild is doing, they also advertise for the guild as well.

    -ClrPnk (☆) (Active)
    -TheRedWhit () (Inactive*)
    -ShadowEspe () (Active)
    -TATSUMI () (Active)
    -Pacq () (Active)
    -KGxSkrawny () (Active)
    -Phantasm () (Inactive)
    -ChewyHD () (Inactive)
    -TMBR () (Active)
    -Dlvnj () (Active)
    -bsoool () (Inactive)
    -Aldrith () (Active)
    -Sheepgming() (Active)
    -Leonellus () (Inactive*)
    -Wasuo () (Active)
    -Waasiq () (Active)
    -Urinalcake () (Active)
    -kingsports () (Active)
    -PlaguesEnd () (Active)
    -FallenMeow () (Active)
    -Habe () (Active)
    -MasterOmni () (Active)
    -xKarma () (Inactive)
    -Jidrax () (Inactive*)
    -HyperDAN () (Active)
    -XRedRainX () (Active)
    -Dang () (Inactive)
    -Kinji () (Inactive)
    -Worth () (Active)
    -Gahivo () (Active)
    -Arentas () (Active)
    -SkyFyreC () (Active)
    -Kaioken () (Inactive)
    -HSTL () (Inactive*)
    -ObamaBin () (Active)
    -ChrisFriggs () (Active)

    • Initiates

    Initiates are new recruits that just got accepted into the guild. They have to prove themselves during the probation phase to be accepted as a full member, for example by helping each other out and representing the guild in a good way.

    -BloodyNote () (Active)
    -Pacq () (Active)
    -lavaboy () (Active)
    -TvOwlFTW () (Active)
    -KZstu () (Active)
    -Doge () (Active)
    -Dakoolade () (Active)
    -Rooben () (Active)
    -Niru () (Inactive)
    -BEASTZ () (Active)
    -RyanDestro () (Active)
    -LiamFury () (Active)
    -DrockM () (Active)
    -Zarel () (Active)
    -Freezypop () (Active)
    -Browniiee () (Active)
    -Peat () (Active)
    -Redwillows () (Active)
    -Thyphoon () (Active)
    -coolio () (Active)
    -Myterious () (Active)
    -ImWattsy () (Active)
    -Dugie () (Active)
    -Elevict () (Active)

    White Stars: 1
    Yellow Stars: 10
    Orange Stars: 20
    Red Stars: 29
    Dark Blue Stars: 7

    Active = Is playing active on the server
    Inactive = Hasnt been seen ingame for a while (Offline for above 10 days)
    * = Is inactive because having a break from the game for a time
    ★ = Star color ingame



    • MoistSoap (Reason: Unloyalty, left and joined multiple times)
    • _yellow (Reason: Unloyalty, left and joined multiple times)
    • NellyBot (Reason: Being disrespectful towards guild members and Gronda)
    • mustaqo (Reason: Being disrespectful without reason)
    • Colaaa (Reason: Got banned multiple times)
    • BuckSlayer (Reason: Being mean in general)
    • Arx (Reason: Unloyalty, is a guild hopper)
    • Pringle (Reason: Being retarded)
    • Benidrill (Reason: Being retarded and is too mentally damaged to follow decisions)
    • Knorrex (Reason: He said this guild is proof that I have mental issues, now thats unacceptable boi)
    • Thiery/Cycopsgod (Reason: Unloyalty, left and joined multiple times)
    • monsielle (Reason: Unloyalty, left after some days without reason)
    • Hoe (Reason: Leaving while being a leader, what an unloyal fuck!)
    • DrVoorhees (Reason: Leaving while being an officer)
    • Boyka (Reason: Leaving while being a leader)

    Blacklisted ones arent allowed to be invited to the guild.


    Guild Information:

    Honorary Members:


    Honorary Members arent in the guild but still helped the guild in some way, they can always join the guild, whenever they want.


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  • I can't find out if this is for his guild or not... I'll just move it guild section...

  • @Moloch Its a guild lol. Isnt that obvoius? >.>

  • Hoe you gotta be more enthusiastic about it, tell em we offer daily dungeons and are really active... Also I don't want the guild being full of dark blue star noobs that ask me to help them rebuild constantly....

  • @Elevict Theres a rule not to beg, if they do tell me or any other one that can warn.

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    im in it now wooo

  • Banned

    im already in guild

  • A Waste of Matter

    Hoe you took me off officer :(

  • Topic updated and shadow who are you ingame xD

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    @Hoe Your daughter you dumb hoe.

  • you should take not be a hailtion off the reqs

    you should make it not be a shady man

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    no im too swag

  • Banned

    @shadyman Can I be shadywoman pls

  • Legion of Mustaqo(AKA Good Cancer Lyfe)

    I'm inactive af on NR(not forums).Takes to long to get in,and I'm waiting for the donor system to go up ;3



    IGN: KingCharli (i screwd up when I joined 1st, wanna change it but havnt decided on a new name)
    Star color Blue but 3 stars from red and if a get 4 stars on the necro I am playin rn (I think i can its 1st time on necroso I get that boost) I will be red star

    Why I wanna join? I want people who I can play/farm with and basicly just all the basic guild perks

    What I can do? I have 20k+ fame and 8k+ things to sell and I am pretty good (not gr8) at this game so I think I can help out and buy keys and stuff that guilds want. Idk really what to say here, I am basicly a pretty good player who I think would be an improvement to your guild.

    Loyalty: I will be loyal as long as I like the people I'm playin with, If i dont like you guys then sorry but I prob won't stay but if I do like you guys then I have no reason to leave. I mean its not like any guild is really much better then another, to me the people make the guild

  • @KingCharlie Accepted! Make sure you get that red star. Ask any lead staff for an invite.


    @Hoe I will next time Im on, won't be this weekend probably because some family stuff has come up but maybe soon

  • @KingCharlie Sure just contact anyone if youre next time online

  • @Hoe Hm, I believe to improve overall behavior of guild mates we should make a guide of how promotions will work. After all, people want to feel like they are expected of something when they join the guild, such as they will be demoted if they fail to reach a certain requirement or need.

    Let's take this for example, let's say I were to be a member but decided to spam the heck out of guild chat causing one of my many guild members to die. This would result in demotion and or being exiled, which would in fact be determined by you Hoe. The requirements should include, behavior towards others, respect towards those with a higher rank, being kind and courteous towards others, not spamming stupid trades, not screwing up specific dungeons offered by other players, being able to donate dungeons to the guild, aiding your guild mates and your queen when they beg for it, repaying for those who have helped you (Like some scrub stole my EP and died with it ._.), and a multitude of other requirements.

    If you would like, you can discuss this to our queen Gronda, and supposedly make the entire guild message board about this including this thread. Also, if this seems overwhelming, I can provide some assistance in determining some initial requirements... and you yourself can feel free to edit it out to reach the demands of our queen. Besides, for a guild to be good a guild needs strict requirements, active players, and players that don't go spamming trades and asking for ranks.... that being said, no one in the guild will care if you are trading an item or if you want a promotion... so don't bother spamming it like several other players....

    -From a dark blue star noob

  • @Elevict Many of the rules you stated are on the guildboard, because I didnt wanted to write everything down here on the topic as well, but tell me what should I add that is a "have to" here on this topic.

  • Banned


  • I want to die

    i left the guild for a new guild


  • @alice Errrr, why mention it here?

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