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  • @Elevict Accpeted, glad that youre back, you were once an officer in this guild as well, and also you helped to make this topic by giving your advices which you can read in page one. Also we lack in having officers so pls get red star as soon as possible to get your orginal spot back xD

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    IGN BreadStick

    Star color: About to be Dark Blue Star. But right now Light Blue :(

    Why do you want to join this guild? I have stopped begging. And if you guys needed help on some NPE, Maxing stuff etc. I would try my best and help you. But if you don't want. I'll still give some shit to you guys.

    Why should we accept you into the guild?*: I'm always loyal and always active and i could possibly help on some NPE's and join some

    How active are you?: Well, Normally in my old guild they're not active every 3-5Am In that time in the only one thats active.

    Have you read the rules?: Yes, I'll always read the rules.

    Will you be loyal?: Of course! Being loyal is the best! Well. If i'm online and not being loyal. For some reason my lil bro plays my NR Account. Trying my best to stop him.

    In what guild were you before?: EverlastingDestiny

    Anyone in the guild you know?: :( No one.

    Nice Guild Page +1

  • @BreadStick Nice apply, but denied, we do not accept light blue stars to the guild, re-apply when you reached dark blue star IF you still want to join till then. ._.

  • cucks who play osu

    Ingame name: Mysterious

    Star color: Red

    Why do you want to join this guild?* I haven't been in a guild for quite a while and I want to get into one once again, and I've heard good things about GQ. There are also a fair few people I know in the guild, which is good because I wont just be playing with people I 100% don't know at the start. Though, I do hope within time I can meet some new and cool people in the guild :)

    Why should we accept you into the guild?*: I feel I should be accepted into the guild because I try to generally be a non-toxic and helpful person and try to have a laugh with people around me. I'm also sorta ok at the game, and being in a guild will both allow me to teach and be taught more about dungeons and playing in general. (NOTE: for anyone on discord please don't take my "antics" there as toxicity, its just me screwing around)

    How active are you?: I used to be pretty active, now I've kinda slowed down on playing but I will be getting back into it and working on maxing / using more characters

    Have you read the rules?: ...Ye

    Will you be loyal?: Yes

    In what guild were you before?: I was in Nexus Crier for a bit, but then the guild kinda went to shit and all the people that I knew there (a big reason of me joining that guild was because I knew so many people in it and I liked that fact) left, and the main reasons I had joined dissapeared so I left as well.

    Anyone in the guild you know?: I know DrVoorhees, I (kinda) know ShadowEspe (I've spoken to him a few times, not necessarily friends with him though) TVOwl, KZstu, and grizzley, cause apparently he's in GQ now :P

    Whether im accepted or not, I was completely honest so lets see how this goes

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    @Mysterious You have 1 hour to edit your post, "Why do you want to join this guild?" is supposed to be at least 2 sentences long.

  • cucks who play osu

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    @Mysterious Accepted I liked your answer for "Why should we accept you into the guild?" I've also heard about you from many other people and know you myself. Ask any lead staff for an invite!

  • Ingame name: MormentK
    Star color:Red
    Why do you want to join this guild?its a good guild
    Why should we accept you into the guild?
    : because im very active
    How active are you?: everyday
    Have you read the rules?:yes
    Will you be loyal?:yes
    In what guild were you before?:cringe
    Anyone in the guild you know?:no


    @DrWhen or @Moloch lock please. and pls remove the post that this retard below me made, ty.

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    @Hoe or you could never have another one :D?

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    @Hoe insta blacklist @G_G_PvP in your new guild if you know what is good for ya.

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    This post is deleted!

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