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  • Admin

    As title says, if there's something you feel should be in the game, post it here


  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    The new market musics pretty calm, a little too calm. would love to see something a little more upbeat. (I don't really have a song suggestion tho.)

  • ShadyMan worshipers because he is a shady man

    There is a glitch where if you type in a command like /nexus or /vault, and as soon as you type it, you can press "o" leave game and go to another char and it will let you connect first try.

  • ☭☭Noah's Ark☭☭

    Your keeping this community alittle bit less cancerous
    Could we get a feature to buy GHall skins for exchance of total guild fame
    *Only can be used by Guild leader
    *Will be a seprate Little podium thing.

  • Famous Forumers

    the ability to call dungeons , as an announcement.
    cool down on it too

  • Plebs

    Maybe add a /checkstats or /stats command?

    This would show the current stats of the player's character they are currently using. So for example, I wanted to recruit Bob to our guild, but he needs an 8/8 character to join. I would do /checkstats bob or /stats bob to check his stats. I know you can have them spawn a grave in the nexus but this would save some troubles.

  • Everlasting Destiny

    There needs to be organized sections in the marketplace so people can find items more easily

    Horizontally: It'd go from T1-T14 and then it'd go with UT/ST

    It'd make it easier for players to search for what they're looking for

  • Trying to say something while loading into a world gives you infinite "account in use"

    plz fix

    Also, this is an old idea that had tons of support but was ignored (much like bella/vit thing, sorry I forgot who originally posted it :()
    Add a timer to the tops of portals to show how much time is left before the portal closes.

  • Wake me up inside

    <guildie name> has come online

    i don't remember the exact phrase .-.

  • Donor

    Thing in Idea thread (A long time ago)

    1. In the guild roster table view, include a "Last Online" column.
      This will make it easier to find inactive players.
    2. Offer the option to export guild roster to a CSV or similar file.
      This will make it easier to keep records on guild membership.
      And for the little list of options that come up for admins when they click a username, make muted players only have the unmute button available, and make unmuted players only have the mute button available.
      merge /commands with /help
    3. Add guild-wide announcements (dark green text?) when guild mates enter and leave the game. These announcements should not trigger if someone switches characters.
      Oops has joined the game.
      Oops has left the game.
      (Suggested by Sottler, but he asked me to make this suggestion for him...)
    4. Add guild-wide announcements (dark green text?) when guild mates open a dungeon. Include dungeon name, opener, and location.
      Pirate Cave has been opened by Oops in Guild Hall.

    Other :

    • Made /setpiece giving a list of setpiece available (Like /quake)
    • Made /youtube [Link]. It was a long idea we got with nilly. Streaming audio directly with Youtube without using YoutubetoMp3 then upload it in source.

  • Famous Forumers

    A realmeye-like site

    But that will never happen

  • i pick my nose with my dick

    How about a /average command, For example you would be on a level 20 wizard and you don't know the average roles on wizard and you haven't donated so you don't waste time going onto like on actual realm with MrEyeball (/tell mreyeball stats; if you didn't know about it)

  • cucks who play osu

    @Tasuke I feel like this could be incorporated into the lefttomax command though tbh, like show you how far from average you are

  • Famous Forumers

    We need a feature that can tell guild leaders the amount of account activity of guild members. This would make it easier to determine who to kick.

  • Maybe add a /dq? for dailyquest?

  • Just a small thing but it might be nice. If when a guild mate died, it showed for everyone in the guild (maybe in dark green or blue text).

  • Nexus Crier

    Is it possible to add /kick <player name> from a guild because sometimes I can't access the guild hall

  • Lolicons

    A /invite (as in, guild) command would be nice, since the command existed in prod. I keep trying to /invite players but it never works, and I need to find them >.>

  • This might have to have some way to limit the amount, but if say only people with certain amounts of stars (to keep it from being spammed) were able to do /createroom aa (or any other combination of two letters). Other people would get in using /enterroom aa (these might get shortened to /er and /cr) the room would only stay open for at first a minute, and then indefinitely while people were in it (it would be deleted as soon as there was nobody in it). I feel like this could be helpful for private dungeon opening instead of the daily quest portal. Thank you for any feedback.
    Note: The room would just be a circle shape with a diameter of, say, ten.

  • Another cool feature would be if bags automatically changed to fit what was in them after 1 second. Say if you got a pot bag, and then you drank all of the pots in it, it would change to a purple bag or a cyan bag depending on the other items.
    Note: This would only happen for bags that dropped for you (ie, pot bags, purple bags, cyan bags, and white bags), this would not occur for a dropped item.

  • Wiki Editor

    three simple ideas
    First: A command /gmates or /gwho etc... to find only guildmates.

    Second: The friend list we already got on prod, to be added here.

    And for last a guild vault... a place to "better" players put stuff they don't want, so other members can get, the number of vaults increase with the amount of member or guild rank.


  • Also nice would be some way to see the server cap/number of people on without having to be on yourself.

  • cucks who play osu

    @Knorrex I would like the ability to chose what shows up on your event notifier, like say you want quests you'd normally see as a level 15, or 5, or 1, (I'd reccomend doing it in increments of 5, or whatever levels change the notifier) and this would be in the options.

  • Admin

    @mysterious sorry what do you mean by event notifier?

  • cucks who play osu

    @Knorrex I mean the thing that points you in the direction of a boss enemy or something

    Like how when you're level 20 you get a quest thing for stuff like cube god, lotl, skull shrine etc

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