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    The Ancient Dungeon.
    Once upon a time, there was a magical ancient being, whose power rivaled Oryxes, Oryx could not defeat him, so instead, locked him up in a dungeon guarded by demons and brainwashed human adventurers...

    It's a dungeon where you will have to kill two Elite Guards to unlock the door to the main boss of the dungeon.
    It is dropped by the Beholder (Chance - 1%).

    Map mock-up:
    Tiles, portal and key:

    The Enemies:
    You will face brainwashed adventurers and foul demon guards.

    Regulars spawn 2-5(both types are in that 2-5) in each room, while the buff guards spawn 1 human buff guy and 1-2 demon buff guys in each room.

    Regular guards:

    Demon Guard:
    Acts the same way the Imps of the Abyss act, the ones that do the shotgun attacks and move around quickly.It shoots a shotgun of three projectiles.
    Projectiles: The same projectile sprite of the Imp of the Abyss, the damage however is 130.

    Human Guard:
    Combat:Acts the same way the Brute of the Abyss acts. Fast swinging while chasing the player.
    Projectiles: Regular sword projectile, damage is 100.

    Stronger guards:

    Axeman Demon Guard:
    Combat: Shoots 3 slower moving projectiles (Damage = 200), also shoots a slowing projectile between the shotguns.
    Projectiles: Regular sword projectile sprites + a slime god slowing projectile sprite.
    Immune to stasis.

    Human Mage Guard:
    Combat: He's not the main damage dealing source, he however provides support for the other guards you will be facing, therefore he will shoot a 5 slowing projectile shotgun (damage - 80) and a fast moving quieting projectile.
    Projectiles: same slowing projectile sprite and the quiet projectile used by Septavius.

    The Elite Guards:
    They are meant to be the lesser bosses of the dungeon.

    Elite Guard Kakha:
    Upon entering his room, he will say:
    "Puny mortals, you don't know who you're trying to free!"

    Shoots 5 projectiles rapidly into five directions for 2 seconds then switches the directions. Damage of the projectiles is 80.Attack duration is 8 seconds (Goes through the cycle of switching 4 times)

    Shoots rapidly a shotgun of 6 projectiles into the direction of the player for 1 second, then shoots it into the new direction of the player. Repeats 3 times. Damage of the projectiles: 80

    Does a low range 10 projectile stun circle.

    Elite Guard Shahun:
    Upon entering his room, he will say:
    "Foolish humans, turn back now!"

    Shoots 5 projectiles rapidly into five directions for 2 seconds then switches the directions. Damage of the projectiles is 80.Attack duration is 8 seconds (Goes through the cycle of switching 4 times)

    Shoots rapidly a shotgun of 6 projectiles into the direction of the player for 1 second, then shoots it into the new direction of the player. Repeats 3 times. Damage of the projectiles: 80.

    Chases the player while shooting a 3 projectile shotgun every second (140 Damage).

    The final showdown:

    The main boss of the dungeon.
    Upon entering the room he says (He will be invincible while telling you this) :
    "Thank you for breaking the seal..."
    "You will be rewarded with a trip to the afterlife..."

    HP: 200000

    The boss shoots rapidly 6 shots into 6 directions and the whole thing turns 180 degrees at normal speed, then turn back to the same position at the same speed. The damage of this attack phase's projectiles is 140, the boss also shoots slowing bullets at the player every 2 seconds. The process is repeated 4 times.

    This is an inbetween phase, it happens between each phase. The boss shoots out 10 big projectiles around him (low-range, 240 damage projectiles).

    Check the image on the first pattern of this attack, the shot pattern slowly turns 360 degrees

    (the purple pelets do 120 damage) and while this turns, every 2 seconds 3 fast projectiles are shot out, one is shot at the player and the other 2 are shot out to directions that are 120 degrees to clockwise and counter-clockwise (these also do 120 damage)

    Congrats, you are done reading the description of the actual dungeon.
    Now, a dungeon is not great without loot.


    The Wand of Demise (Drops from the elite guards, 0.75% chance)
    The soul of a foul demon is trapped within this wand's gem.
    Tier: UT
    Shots: 1
    Damage: 110-155
    Range: 8
    Rate of Fire: 85%
    Stat Bonus: -4 VIT, -25 HP
    Fame Bonus: 4%
    It also pierces.
    Why is it balanced and unique? It is the only wand that trades health and vitality for sheer damage and power?

    These drop from Quaath (0.2% chance)

    The Flask of Octopus Poison:
    One of the deadliest poisons, highly concentrated, extremely toxic.
    Tier: UT
    MP Cost: 150
    Radius: 4
    Damage: 550
    Duration: 6 seconds
    Effect: Weak for 3 seconds (On enemy, I feel like the effect should be like a 20% decrease of damage done to the player from the enemy affected).
    Fame Bonus: 4%
    Why is it unique and balanced? It costs more mana and has less radius and damage, but it makes your enemies weak.

    Quiver of Madness:
    Once a quiver used by an archer of unmatched accuracy, now a quiver that drives it's users mad.
    MP Cost: 100
    Damage: 300-400
    Range: 12
    Projectile speed: 15
    Effect: Slow for 3 seconds.
    Cooldown: 5.5 seconds
    Stat bonus: +2 DEX, -4 WIS
    Why is it unique and balanced: It saps your ability usage, but gives you a more powerful quiver with a less powerful effect.
    Projectile: regular T0 quiver projectile.

    Seal of the Dungeon Eye:
    Once worn by the guards of the dungeon, now worn by great adventurers, who fight bravely within the battlefield.
    MP Cost: 120
    Range: 3.5
    Effect to enemies: Daze for 4 seconds.
    Effect to group: Damaging for 3 seconds, Healing for 4 seconds.
    Cooldown: 7 seconds
    Stat Bonus: +2 SPD, +2 WIS, +2 DEF
    Why is it unique: It is a seal that affects enemies (It is like the seal of the enchanted forest, except less shitty), but it gives you less healing and damaging.

    8x8 Sprites:

    Thank you for reading this.
    This was Marty Loveman, and see you later!

  • A Waste of Matter

    Not gonna lie

    This is a kick-ass idea.

    But i'm not the one to give it a proper rundown.

    And i have to go soon. :(

    Hopefully someone else can properly review the idea.


  • The Living Cancer

  • Looks really nice! And the sprites look awesome!

  • This actually isn't a terrible idea. I'd love to see this in game! +1

  • i pick my nose with my dick

    I believe this a rather unique dungeon design. But Some of the items are a little strong and no other people would use certain items if these items are implemented. we need shadyman to give his statement on this first.

    @Knorrex @Moloch @MrSott @shadyman you guys see this pls ;p

  • Does the wand pierce? And really nice dungeon mate hope it gets added.

  • Banned

    Good job mate.

  • Sex Guns

    @Hoe It does. It's a better Phoenix Wand, except that you lose lots and lots of wisdom.
    It's meant mostly for the Priest, as he does not really have a lot of attack capabilities.

  • @Marty Lel if that gets added then the Phoenix Wand has no use anymore, but its not like that it has a use now though lmao

  • Sex Guns

    @Hoe It would be the high damage wand that doesn't take away a lot of wisdom.

  • I actually love this idea.
    I can tell this took some time to write, and honestly it looks amazing.
    I would like to see this idea implemented into the game.


  • @Marty Cool! A dungeon that drops from a beholder, and it's awesome! Very uniquely designed, and the sprites look pretty good! I like the different attacks for the bosses, and how they interact. The only problem is that The Wand of Demise is fairly similar to the Wand of the Phoenix, which does 100-150 damage with 9 range, and no de-buffs. This wand might still be used on chests though, and overall:

    +1, good job :)

  • Sex Guns

    @Grodus Wand of Phoenix does not pierce, so it's only good for chests.

  • @Marty Okay, thanks for telling me. You should add the fact that it pierces into your description of The Wand of Demise. Also, you should try implementing that +2 attack buff into the actual weapon instead of making it as a stat, but this was a great idea; Good job on the hard work!

  • Everlasting Destiny

    Waw, I haven't seen this much commitment to a dungeon in a while o3o

    I dunno about the whole dungeons and stuff, i'm gonna let shady do that :3

    The only thing I don't like is the seal. I don't see a use in slowing down a enemy, if u can go close enough to an enemy without it killing u. Maybe give scenarios where that could be useful in-game? Also u forgot to add the description to it as well. ;3

    But other than that, I liek dungeon idea.

    I give +1

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    You followed the format! :+1:

    Now lets go back to the idea:
    The dungeon Map:
    -Its seems pretty good, nothing more.

    The enemies:
    -Eeer... Sprites are k, but man, try making the shots sprites. Attacks are fine.

    The Mid-Boss:
    -Somehow, they make me feel that they are brothers, because the similarity of the patterns. Sprites are fine.

    The Boss:
    -Interesting design and sprite, patterns are good, but i feel like there are many blind spots, maybe add some AoE grenades to fill those blind spots.

    Thats form the dungeon, il analyze the whites later.

  • Everlasting Destiny

    Oh yea lindow is right

    What are the projectiles going to be for the quiver and wand?

    EDIT: Oh lindow wasn't talking about the items...derp

    but still, my questions stands ;3

  • Sex Guns

    @TheDivineHero Ah shit I forgot about the whites having projectiles.

  • Everlasting Destiny

    @Marty Yea...

    U should probs work on those sooner or later :3

    i'd help but I don't exactly have the time right now... XD

  • Famous Forumers

    welcome back faux :^) ,
    gud dungeon btw

  • Banned

    @TurtleBat lmao turtle.

  • Creativity Cafe ☕

    :fire: I'm back! :fire:
    Lets get started with the items:

    The wand:
    -the damague is justified but, DAAAAMN.
    Classes like priest and sorc relief a lot in mana, i would preffer The wand of phoenix than this one(More range & damague). Add the shot sprite.

    The Poison:
    -Its like an upgrade of UH Poison, just that has less AoE range, and the duration is longer, add a penalty, because an assasin can easly stack 5 AoE grenades to 1 target with the mana pots.

    The Quiver:
    -Damague. Is. Crazy.
    Add less range to it, and if you want to add an effect to the shots, then nerf the damague a little.(Shoot sprite doesn't look like an arrow).

    The Seal:
    -Lets put this situation, ur in a Mad Lab/Shatters, you are 8/8, you can easly out-run the enemies, make the MP Cost higher or add a penalty.

    -Fix/Nerf/Buff if needed, read the feedback, it helps a lot!
    Just try to balance the ítem, im not ver y good judging but i guess someone will say something pretty much what i say.

    Keep Working on it!

  • +1, a new item for wand classes would be awesome.

  • this is so awesome

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